FREE MUSIC! – ‘Filakr’

To celebrate finally having gotten around to making a video click track for an old cello piece of mine, Filakr, I’ve decided to offer the performance materials for this piece for for free until 5pm on the 17th of May. All you have to do is email me at with the subject line FREE MUSIC! (and hopefully a friendly message) and I’ll email you a download link for the performance materials. I’d love to hear about it if you do decide to play the piece but there are no strings attached – just thought I’d share something while most of us are stuck at home.

The piece is scored for solo cello and soundtrack (although I’ve programmed this with a few other instruments over the years – easy enough to transpose octaves etc. as required) and the video click track means this can be played without any specialist audio equipment – all you need is a hi-fi to play the soundtrack from and somethign to watch the click track on.

The music is pretty simple (compared to most of what I’ve written) – I’ve been told about ABRSM Grade 6+ (which surprised me – I thought it was easier – (he writes not being able to play a cello)). It’s from the from the gentler end of the music I’ve made essentially inspired by some of the ambient music I love. I wrote it for Oliver Coates and the lovely people at Slip when they were just staring out and you can still hear (and buy) that here.

You can watch cellist extraordinaire Steph Tress playing the piece here as part of The Solem quartets lates concert at Manchester’s Soup Kitchen almost exactly a year ago.

Feels like longer.

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