Chamber (more than 6 players)

Solo / Duo / Chamber (3-6 players) / Chamber (6+ players) / Voice(s) with & without ensemble / Theatre / Orchestra/very large ensemble

Chamber (more than 6 players)

walking underground (2000) 8′ – 1(afl)010/01000/pf/perc/10110

A glimpse of the sky in a fold of the hills (2011) 12′ – afl(blf)/cl(=bcl)/perc/pf/vln/vla/vc/elec.

Trends in personal relationships (2012) 16′ – 1(picc, afl)111/11100/perc/pf/hp/11111

The Devotions (2014) 30′ – 1(picc, fl, bfl)01(Bb,Eb)0/00100/perc/pf/hp/11111

Untitled (music for melody instruments, corks, bearing balls, and electronic sounds) (2018) 5′ – for four or more players of an even numbers and electronic performer

high-functioning middle class alcoholism (2019) 8′-15’+- for any instruments or voices with props/objects

Borneo rivers (2020) open duration – graphic score for any instruments or voices

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