Decontamination #15 – the unassessables

Andy Ingamells

Very excited to be welcoming the wonderful composer and performer Andy Ingamells to the RNCM tomorrow. He’ll be performing four short pieces (one made in collaboration with Ana Ribeiro) alongside music by Charlotte Marlow, Sarah Hennies, Laurence Crane, and Erwin Schulhoff as well as three short poems by Matthew Welton  performed by RNCM students and staff.

There is a rich history of maverick musical performance problematising the nature of music.  I’ve never felt much of a compulsion to worry about this. However I’m saddened at the stories from Andy and others where his work has been dismissed because it’s too far removed from a listeners’ usual musical experience. This collection of music and text pieces are all examples of adventurous practices that might, in some circumstances, cause problems in assessment.

Not at Decontamination however. The programme will be:

Decontamination #15 – the unassessables
Royal Northern College of Music Carole Nash Recital Room, 1930, tickets here.

Green Gauge – Matthew Welton
The Sound of a Marathon – Andy Ingamells & Ana Ribeiro
Three pieces for guitar – Laurence Crane
Blues Scale – Matthew Welton
In Futurum – Erwin Schulhoff
Psalm 2 – Sarah Hennies
Black List – Matthew Welton
Strip Polka – Charlotte Marlow
Waschen – Andy Ingamells
worse than nothing – Andy Ingamells

Performed by:
Aaron Breeze
Fiona Finsbury
Martin Harlow
Thomas Hillary
Andy Ingamells
Mark Reid

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