the house of bedlam in Tokyo and Gramophone

Nonclassicl_Tower Records Shibuya 2A quick update on the house of bedlam record Talking microtonal blues.

I’ve just been sent some images from Tower Records in the Shibuya and Shinjuku districts of Tokyo. The nonclassical records stand feature the new CD. It’s good to think of this music, mostly written around manchester some time ago now, off on a more extensive journey.

Also many thanks to Richard Whitehouse for his kind review in Gramophone Magazine. Amongst other things he writes:

Their musical variety is vividly demonstrated by the initial nine tracks here – whether in the coiled angularity of ‘Sinew’, the fractious give and take of Riviniana, the quizzical interplay of timbre and gesture in the triptych ‘Deaf John’s dark house’ and the ominous build up of ‘Skein’.

Also, the thought of evoking ‘Fith’ era Soft Machine inevitably makes me smile.


So if you want to buy this CD then get in touch with me directly, buy one at amazon here or, if you can, pop down to your local Tokyo Tower Records and pick one up today…

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