Original animation for piano concerto second movement

I thought that as my piano concerto is being streamed at the London Sinfonietta website this month I would upload the work that became the springboard for the second movement.

This is a the first part of my remix of mira calix’s I may be over there (but my heart is over there). I made this piece during our exchange and return project – we spent over a year working together on new pieces and exchanging approaches to writing music. The animations were made by Jesse Collett and Myroslava Sayeed.

The brief was to work with animation students from Kingston University for the premiere of the concerto. I hadn’t written the music when this was suggested and it was impossible for the animation students to work off my score in progress. In the end five groups of students worked on five short animations. I wrote music to one complete animation and I provided this remix which I then incorporated as the opening as the second movement (re-imagined for prepared piano and acoustic instruments but with the same timing). This meant that some of the composition was directly affected by the animation as the opposite is true of this opening.

The rest of the animations were coordinated more freely; we discussed an overall agenda for each one and some specific moments for particular musical activity. The fact that each animation was made by a different group of students complimented the five very different sections that make up the middle movement.

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